The United Bank Participates in 5 national initiatives to overcome Corona crisis and rainstorm damage


The United Bank

Participates in 5 national initiatives to overcome Corona crisis and rainstorm damage


Ashraf El-Kady - Chairman of The United Bank

  • The solidarity of the Egyptian people with their institutions in the current crises is a model for achieving justice and cooperation.
  • The United Bank supports to reduce the damage of the sudden nature rebellion.
  • Five national initiatives: Egyptian Banks initiative Union - Tahya Misr initiative for daily workers - South Sinai Governorate initiative for the benefit of people affected by rainstorms - and "Protection" initiative with the Good Makers Foundation for the benefit of the low income earners - a volunteer initiative for The United Bank team for the benefit of Egyptian Hospitals
  • Opening a unified account in its 64 branches for his customers that wants to donate to help those affected by disasters and crises


Cairo: April 2nd, 2020

The United Bank announced its participation in 5 national initiatives to help and support groups mostly affected by the global crises for the spread of the new Corona virus and the rainstorms crisis that swept the republic last month. This is in a quick response to the call of the national duty and belief in the responsibility of the community financial institutions to stand beside the state institutions in order to face the crises and disasters.

Ashraf El-Kady - Chairman of The United Bank - said that social solidarity is a main feature of the Egyptian society to achieve justice and cooperation in times of crises and disasters. All divine religions urge us to value the solidarity of people, whether physically or morally.


5 initiatives for The United Bank in cooperation with civil society institutions

1-    The Egyptian National Banks Union initiative

Ashraf El-Kady pointed out that the national initiatives in which The United Bank participated are : the initiative of the National Banks in Egypt Union for the benefit of the Tahya Misr Fund and a series of community achievements to support the low income earners of daily workers and those affected by the necessary precautions and measures. In addition to a list of cleansing and sterilization works for villages and cities, and full support for the health system to support it in the process of completing the state's plan to preserve the health of citizens.

2-    Tahya Misr Fund

The United Bank also participated in the initiative of Tahya Misr Fund to support daily workers and provide the basic amount of their daily needs to support them in overcoming the current necessity.

3-    South Sinai Governorate

Ashraf El-Kady added that The United Bank, in cooperation with the Governor of South Sinai, Major General / Khaled Fouda, carried out relief work for those affected by the floods crisis that suffered from the South Sinai Governorate, including the St. Catherine region.

Nature's rebellion comes suddenly. And the rainstorms that invaded Egypt resulted in great losses, both on the humanitarian and economic levels. Therefore, all civil society institutions must join hands to reconstruct these areas.

4-    Good Makers Association

The United Bank has jointly partnered with the Good Makers Foundation in the “Protection” initiative to help and support the low income earners to overcome the Corona crisis by applying protection methods to their health by providing them with the necessary protective tools. As well as clearing homes and public facilities and their places of living and providing support materials to meet their basic needs.

5-    Opening a unified account

Ashraf El-Kady announced that The United Bank today has opened a unified account for relief, support and assistance to those affected by crises and disasters under the Ethar system for community development in all 64 branches of the United Bank spread throughout the Republic.


This will start a media campaign that includes informing all customers of the possibility of donating in favor of this account directly through the digital services from the Internet bank, digital wallet and mobile bank for the United Bank. And also through the network of 200 ATMs that cover all of the Republic without the need to go to any branch.



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