The United Bank Launches an awareness campaign


The United Bank

Launches an awareness campaign that includes 18 preventive precautions against the Corona virus in it’s 64 branches.


Cairo: 10th March 2020,


This week, the United Bank announced the launch of an awareness campaign that includes 18 preventive precautions measures against the Corona virus at the bank’s 64 branches that covers all parts of the Republic. This is in order to ensure the safety of the work team and customers all over Egypt as a part of the bank’s general awareness beliefs.

The awareness campaign includes the publication of an instructional package for identifying the virus, its symptoms and the ways of how the infection is spread. Also, people who are more susceptible to catch the disease.

By using direct and indirect mass media, whether visual through the internal branches screens network or through more than 200 ATMs spread all over the country. As well as the United Bank's website on the World Wide Web and on the pages of social networking sites. As well as other media platforms from newspapers, magazines, news, economic and social websites.

The bank also made direct awareness to its customers through the bank’s 64 branches by the announcement of 18 preventive precautions to avoid get infected by the virus, and they are:

1-     Avoid traveling, especially to countries where infections are recorded.

2-     Always wash hands thoroughly with soap, water and disinfectants at 70% concentration.

3-     Using antiseptics in floors with high concentration levels.

4-     Use a tissue once when coughing and to cover the nose and mouth.

5-     The eyes, nose and mouth should not be touched by hand as much as possible.

6-     Regular disinfection of surfaces and tools.

7-     Wear masks in places of assembly data.

8-   Ensure that you follow healthy habits with nutritional balance and physical activity, and get enough sleep and lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and liquids.

9    Avoid direct contact with animals.

10- Avoid contact with infected people.

11- Maintaining general cleanliness.

12- See a doctor when infected by the flu, especially if some symptoms resembles with the virus appeared.

13- Immediately report any suspected occurrence of any symptoms that’s similar to the virus.

14- Returnees from outside the country, especially from Hajj and Umrah trips, must be examined before direct contact with others.

15- Staying at home for the duration of the illness.

16- Take medications that reduce the temperature of the infected person, as well as medicines that work to relieve pain, and consult a doctor.

17- Avoid being in crowded places.

18- Use a special rug when praying in mosques.

This is in addition to raising awareness about the announcement of the website of the Ministry of Health and Population unit for corona virus and also the Ministry's hotline number 105