The United Bank


Under the slogan "Your time is important to us", The United Bank launched this week a new service that enables the customer to purchase a number of traditional or Sharia compliant savings certificates from ATMs and the mobile banking fleet, in order to save the customer's time and effort.

The new service

Where the customer can, through the 200 ATM machines for The United Bank, which covers all parts of the Republic, and also through the mobile banking fleet, to purchase certificates and distinct savings vessels for The United Bank, whether conventional or compatible with the provisions of Sharia, and they are: (Diamond Certificate - Kenoz bond - Triple Dollar Certificate - The monthly deposit in Egyptian pounds by itself), only by following several simple and easy steps and instructions. And that is without going to the branch.

The customer’s request is executed immediately and on the same working day if the request is made before one o’clock in the afternoon. If the customer’s request is after one o'clock in the afternoon, it will be executed on the next business day. Where the customer receives a text message on his mobile phone confirming the request to link certificates and savings vessels.

The United Bank has a high-quality infrastructure that enables it to implement a large number of digital services.

Rehab Azmy - Head of the Banking Branches and Retail Sector - says that the launch of the new service comes as a supplement to the digital application system to enable customers to conduct their banking transactions themselves in accordance with international quality standards quickly and in complete security and around the clock 7 days a week.

She added that The United Bank has a high-quality infrastructure that enables it to include and implement a number of digital services that contribute to expanding the base of financial inclusion and spreading the culture of digital banking transactions, which contributes to the transformation of a non-monetary society.

It is worth noting that The United Bank has done the service of purchasing and linking savings containers and certificates of various kinds, whether traditional or in compliance with the provisions of Sharia through the mobile phone and the Internet banking. This service came to supplement the self-enrollment system, which contributes to saving the customer's time and effort and enables him to conduct his banking transactions through digital applications.