The United Bank Inaugurates the 66th branch


The United Bank
Inaugurates the 66th branch and the fourth digital branch at the Central Plateau of Mokattam

Farag Abd El Hamid: Vice Chairman of The United Bank
•    The new branch operates with a dual branch strategy, digital and banking.
•    The bank cites an example by communicating generations and preparing young people for leadership.
•    The branch's sight of the third religions compound in Egypt is an embodiment of the meanings of national unity.
•    A package of distinguished banking and digital services provided by the branch to its customers.

Cairo: April 1st, 2021

Under the slogan "With You Everywhere You are", The United Bank inaugurates today the 66th branch and the fourth digital branch, to join the chain of the bank, which cover the Republic at the central plateau of Mokattam, which overlooks the third religions compound called "Long Live Egypt".

The 66th branch was inaugurated by a group of youth of the bright stars program along with the most prominent The United Bank’s team: Farag  Abd El Hamid - Vice President, Rehab Azmy - Branches and Retail Banking Sector Senior General Manager, Ahmed Salah - Branches General Manager , Sherif Sabaa, Branches Deputy General Manager and Hakem Hegazy - South Cairo Region Director , Nabil El Qalaawy -  Administrative Affairs Sector General Manager, Gamal El Bannaa - Real Estate Sector General Manager, and Germien Amer - Head of Corporate Communication and a group of The United Bank work team.

Farag Abd El Hamid, The United Bank’s Vice President, says that the new branch is the first branch of The United Bank to be located at the central plateau of Mokattam which is considered a strategic location for Greater Cairo axes, especially with the road network implemented by the Egyptian state to connect all areas of the Egyptian country within the national plan to improve and develop the infrastructure.

Digital and banking dual branches strategy
Concerning the strategy of The United Bank to spread digital and banking dual branches, Farag Abdel Hamid indicated that the bank launched this theory since 2017 when it inaugurated the first digital center in the Egyptian Shooting Club branch followed by the Cargo Mall branch in El Sheikh Zayed area and Concorde branch in the Fifth Settlement.

As The United Bank allocated within the branches an independent place called the UB Digital Center and provided these four digital centers with programmed computers, tablets, and mobiles equipped with the bank’s applications as part of the "Your Bank Online" package for mobile banking, Internet banking, and UB digital wallets and whom are  working 24 hours, 7 days a week, as well as a package of modern programs and technologies that allow the customer to pay all his government obligations without effort and save his time and effort.

Abd El Hamid added that these dual branches work aiming to motivate the customers and practically train them to deal with The United Bank's digital applications, as well as spreading the culture of digital banking and reducing the crowding inside branches, especially with the spread of Corona pandemic, in addition to providing a dedicated work team inside the branches to train customers on the various digital applications of The United Bank.

The new branch will allow its customers to enjoy all the distinguished banking services that meet their needs in terms of credit cards, prepaid cards, and national "Meeza" cards, as well as a package of certificates and savings pools, whether traditional or compatible with the provisions of Sharia, with distinguished benefits, in addition to a package of personal and educational financing, as well as financing small, medium and micro projects, as well as starting companies and entrepreneurs.

Also, The United Bank provides, through the new Mokattam branch, various categories of real estate financing programs for limited and middle-income housing, as well as luxury housing in the new urban communities with financing of up to 30 years according to the initiative of The Central Bank of Egypt.

The bank cites an example by communicating generations and preparing young people for leadership.
Farag Abd El Hamid explained that the management of The United Bank is always keen to involve the young leaders team from the Bright Stars Program in all the bank‘s activities and events whether internal or external. It is also concerned with their participation in developing perceptions of the bank's current and future plans according to the latest global theories in modern management concerned with the participation of young leaders to ensure their complete practical and scientific qualification before occupying leadership positions. This is a clear evidence of the generations’ continuity to achieve sustainable development according to the Egyptian state vision 2030

The branch's sight of the third religions compound in Egypt is an embodiment of the meanings of national unity.
Regarding the importance of the new branch at the societal level, Farag Abd El Hamid says that the new branch overlooks the "Long Live Egypt" religions compound, which is the third in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It was established by Dr. Nabil Luka Bebawi, former representative of the People's Assembly, with popular efforts. Pope Tawadros II called it the "Long Live Egypt" compound.

President Abd El Fattah El Sisi established the religions compound in the new administrative capital, embedded the philosophy of citizenship by inaugurating the large church and the Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque. God is one and the origin the heavenly religions, and the tolerant values are the same in all the heavenly religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.