The United Bank
Inaugurates its media channel on the internet second largest watching channel "YouTube"

Cairo: April 20th, 2021

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, The United Bank announced today the inauguration of its media channel on "YouTube" site, the second largest watching channel for internet in the world. This was done by a selection of illustrated supplications with the voice of Dr. Ali Gomaa - a member of The Senior Scholars Council of El Azhar El Sharif, Chairman of The Sharia Board of The United Bank and the former Grand Mufti of Egypt.  In addition to a group of The United Bank talents team.

Germien Amer - Head of Institutional Communication at The United Bank - says that the channel is considered a cultural and an informational window media for The United Bank on the YouTube website which is the second largest watching site, as its viewing rates exceeded 2 billion daily viewers. It is also considered an unconventional marketing mechanism to market the brand of The United Bank, its digital services, and its financial and banking solutions through more attractive and influential channels, especially for the youth category.

The United Bank channel broadcasts on "YouTube" website a group of documentaries and economic programs, as well as specialized programs in the field of banking services and solutions, whether traditional or compatible with the provisions of Sharia in order to spread cultural banking awareness through digital media mechanisms.

The channel also broadcasts news and events, in which The United Bank participates at the local and regional levels, as well as a number of marketing advertisements for the products of The United Bank that are compatible with the provisions of Sharia and traditionalism, in addition to media interviews with a number of television and radio programs.

The United Bank channel programs map on "YouTube"

Germien Amer added that the map of the programs of The United Bank channel on YouTube includes the beginning during Ramadan with a group of prayers and supplications presented by the wonderful voices of The United Bank’s talents team, which the bank discovered and supported over more than three years Walid El Demiri - Alaa El Safti, Moustafa El Sharqawi and Mohamed Fawzi, as well as a recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran by Sheikh Atef El Dinari on a daily basis until the end of the holy Ramadan, then the economic, cultural and knowledge programs are broadcasted.

Digital Media - The effect of content on changing trends and shaping public opinion

Germien Amer indicated that the 21st century has witnessed the rising of the star of digital media and social media, and their growing role from being just a window for communication between individuals until they have become one of the most important mechanisms that affect the creation and formation of public opinion, and the upbringing and education of youth and societies.

Amer explained that digital media has many advantages, the most important of which is the ability to create electronic content easily without entering into complex techniques and exchanging it, whether texts, pictures or videos via the internet with the utmost ease and in a few minutes. The upload rate of the video material exceeded about 300 hours per minute. This made YouTube a giant site and increased the viewing rates to about 4.9 billion clips per day.