The United Bank Fights against the trio: poverty, ignorance and disease in South Sinai Governorate


The United Bank

Fights against the trio: poverty, ignorance and disease in South Sinai Governorate

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank

  • We cooperate in sustainable development at South Sinai Governorate St. Catherine Region
  • We Fight poverty, ignorance and disease with contemporary tools.
  • We look forward to a new generation that enjoys the knowledge and health that is able to lead Egypt.

Cairo 14 January 2020

Ashraf El kady, Chairman of The United Bank declared war on the trio of poverty, ignorance and disease through a set of development activities, which includes medical convoys, winter blanket distribution campaigns and awareness campaigns for our people in South Sinai. Under the auspices of South Sinai Governer and in cooperation with the security and executive agencies in the governorates

Ashraf El kady expresses that the bank participated in sustainable development of South Sinai and St. Catherine by fighting the trio of poverty, disease and ignorance with contemporary development tools that fit the nature of society there with the aim of creating a new science and health that is able to work and give to our beloved Egypt.

The United Bank’s effort in fighting poverty, ignorance and disease

First: fighting poverty, winter blankets distribution campaign.

Ashraf El Kady indicates that The United Bank is working for the second year in a row in cooperation with “Sonaa el Khir” the Foundation for Good Makers to organize the winter campaign under the slogan “ together against the cold of winter” to support the unable from southern and central Sinai

Where the winter blankets were distributed in a large number of villages and tribes who are most in need in the areas of Nakhl and EL Gady El Sheikh Awad in the center of Sinai, Reaching the Mount St. Catherine passing through the area of the El Nabee Saleh, El Soaal, El Mara and Frenga.

Second: Fighting against disease through an awareness campaign for breast cancer, infectious diseases, viruses, and eye diseases.

El Kady explained that The United Bank, “Sonaa el Khir” Good Makers Foundation, Bahia Foundation launched the first campaign of a series of awareness campaigns targeting South Sinai people to raise awareness of ways to prevent breast cancer, infectious diseases, viruses and eye diseases in coordination with all devices In the South Sinai governorate.

Awareness-raising campaigns started from St. Catherine in South Sinai and involved the terrestrial population and the surrounding villages to raise the needs of the people there.

Where statistics revealed that breast cancer counts high rates in this region as well as lower temperatures than the rest of the Republic, which made residents of this area more vulnerable to infection with viruses and from infectious diseases and increased prevalence of infection rates among them.

A medical team has succeeded in detecting about 5,000 citizens during the past year from the people of St. Catherine and its villages including: El Tarfa, El Soaal, El Asbaeya Elwy, El Asbaeya Sofly, El Nabee Saleh and El Sheikh Awad.

Third, school bags distribution and the Holy Qur’an competition.

Ashraf El Kady added that in the current school year, The United Bank has early organized a campaign for school bags distribution in a number of villages and provinces in South Sinai Governorate including the study requirements, to encourage students to go to school and relieve their load from the parents’ shoulders.

In the same context, last November The United Bank’s organized the annual Holy Quran Competition for the first time in the South Sinai Governorate, under the auspices of the Governor of South Sinai, Major General Khaled Fouda, with the aim of encouraging children to memorize and recite the Holy Quran and also teach the correct principles of the Islamic religion.


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