The United Bank Excellence Awarded as the "Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions" 2020


The Union of Arab Banks grants
The United Bank Excellence Award for the "Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions" 2020

Cairo: May 29th, 2021

The Union of Arab Banks announced yesterday that The United Bank has won the Excellence Award for The Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions in its second session, held in Beirut the Lebanese capital, in cooperation with The Arab Organization for Information and Communication Technology (AICTO).

The United Bank awarded The Excellence Award for The Best Arab Digital Financial institutions 2020
The United Bank has cited its massive efforts in creating a package of digital financial solutions which contributed in attracting different segments of customers to the banking sector. As well as successfully conducting a series of financial inclusion campaigns sponsored by The Central Bank of Egypt to increase the number of beneficiaries of financial and digital services and empower specific segments of the Egyptian society, such as: women and youth. In addition to the great keenness of The United Bank to implement international quality standards in the performance of banking service which contributed in gaining customer loyalty. This is in addition to launching a series of educational and informational campaigns on precautionary measures and prevention methods to avoid the infection with the corona virus. As well as promotional and educational campaigns for the distinguished financial and digital solutions launched by The United Bank to achieve the well-being of customers.

Ashraf El Kady – Chairman of The United Bank - expressed that he is happy with this award that The Union of Arab Banks in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Communication and Information Technology (AICTO).

He added that the Excellence Award for the best Arab Digital financial institution 2020 is the 5th award specialized in digital solutions that The United Bank reaps over the past four years, to be added to its record of honorable achievements and evidence of the professionalism of the work team, who did not hesitate for a moment to work with perseverance and a firm belief held on success to achieve these impressive results.

El Kady expressed that the technological renaissance that Egypt is currently witnessing and adopted by the Egyptian state and The Central Bank of Egypt as a national strategy for digitization and artificial intelligence would transform Egypt into a regional center in this promising field, supported by Egypt's success in building a giant and modern network of infrastructure and roads and creating urban communities according to smart cities’ technology.

Ashraf El Kady expressed that The United Bank is working to provide excellent financial services via the Internet, smart phones and digital wallets through the "Your Bank Online" package. As well as through 5 digital centers: in the Fifth Settlement - New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed - 6 October and in front of the Shooting Club in Dokki - Giza and the central plateau area - Mokatam as well as the industrial zone in Gamassa.

In addition to innovating financial solutions such as: wealth management and cash flow. As well as financial leasing and financing of small, medium and micro projects. In cooperation with I-Score, the bank provided a service: instant inquiry about creditworthiness and registration in the register of transferred collateral, either through the website or interactive ATM machines which allows them to deal freely on their money and investments 24 hours 7 days a week, as well as many other advantages.

The customers’ right to enjoy the fruits of technology, which reflects positively on comfort, time saving and economic growth, in general

El Kady pointed out that with the increase in the level of Egyptian citizen culture, an increase in market demand and a strong trend towards digital services. Therefore, The United Bank has paid a huge interest in developing all its technological systems. Customers are entitled to enjoy the fruits of smart technology and its applications which have a direct and positive impact on their lives in terms of comfort and saving time and effort which contributes to the growth of economic activity in general.

The bank and a series of digital breakthroughs
It is worth noting that the United Bank has won 5 international awards specialized in the field of digital transactions and solutions, and they are:
•    Excellence Award for "The Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions" from The Union of Arab Banks, May 2021
•    Award for "Best Bank for Electronic Banking Channels 2020" from the International Finance Magazine.
•    The United Bank also won the award for "Best Bank in Digital Financial Transactions" for the year 2019 from the International Finance Magazine.
•    It also won the "Excellence for Arab Digital Banks 2018" award from the Union of Arab Banks.
•    It also won the third place in a regional survey on the best banks that provide services and digital financial technology solutions in 2018, conducted by the Union of Arab Banks.