The United Bank


Under the slogan of financial inclusion, one of the mechanisms for empowering Egyptian women, The United Bank has presented a package of financial and digital solutions that meet the needs of contemporary Egyptian women during March 2019. This is in line with the belief of The United Bank in the importance of maximizing women's role in the overall development of the Egyptian state according to Vision 2030.
Rehab Azmy, Head of Retail Banking and Branches, said that The United Bank pays great attention to women at different levels, particularly rural, sustainer and poor women, to enhance their participation in the national economy and raise female employment rates.
This year, The United Bank has created a range of digital financial solutions that help Egyptian women and support them economically, socially, professionally and culturally, as well as the banking and investment services that characterize The United Bank whether traditional or Shariaa compliant.
She added that the package of The United Bank of Egyptian women this year exempt the client from the expenses of opening an account. It also offers a number of advantages, including issuing a free prepaid card or a millionaire certificate according to the quality of the account, as well as giving the client points cash back when issuing a credit card The United Bank and activate them during the month of March 2019.
Azmy said that the package of The United Bank for Women during the month of March is characterized by three basic elements are:
• So that this package aims to speed up the completion of any banking transactions of contemporary Egyptian women which enables them to carry out their economic and social tasks in the least time and without effort.
• Sustainability in financial investments so as to benefit the woman herself and her family and society as a whole.
• Dream and ambition for a better future for women and their children and society through the millionaire's certificate and also through cash funding for micro projects.
Services of the United Bank for all segments of society
Rehab Azmy refers to the study conducted by The United Bank recently, which divided the Egyptian women into three different segments based on their financial transactions. So that the bank can offer products that meet all needs. And develop plans of development and improve banking products to achieve the aspirations of women in various segments.
First tranche - Digital Services for all segments
Keep pace with the requirements of the times of speed and time constraints. The United Bank has launched a range of digital services represented in - Internet banking service - Digital Wallet service - Mobile banking service and ATM service are characterized by high flexibility and enable women to manage their wealth and money easily 24 hours 7 days a week.
Second tranche – Development services
In which The United Bank has devised new ways to help free-market women support themselves and their families by financing and expanding their cash under the name "Intelaka" for microfinance with different repayment periods in accordance with the CBE initiative.
The Bank also provides educational funding to enable ambitious women to complete their studies, whether university or graduate studies, or for their children or their husbands. As well as cash financing this helps women to renew the house with a competitive return for a long time. As well as financing cars whether new or used in traditional ways or compatible with the provisions of the Shariaa.
Third tranche – Investment Services
In which the bank provides savings and investment funds of accounts and deposits with distinct returns and different time periods in Egyptian pounds or foreign currencies.
The bank also offers prepaid cards in local or foreign currencies. To meet the needs of modern women from travel to shopping to spend religious rituals to expenses for their children and used as a safe alternative to cash.
Rakha card is the first Sharia-compliant credit card in the Egyptian market to enable Egyptian women to purchase and settle their needs for up to 20 months. As well as the Cash-Pack, this offers significant discounts through a dedicated bonus program.
There are debit cards and credit cards of different types which are used in the withdrawal and inquire about the balance in any place outside or inside Egypt. Through 200 ATM machines spread throughout Egypt. As well as 59 branches available to serve our customers or through the call center which operates 24 hours 7 days a week. As well as the website