The Central Bank’s decision to grant two seats in the banks’ boards of directors to women


Exclusively, Ashraf El Kady - President of The United Bank commenting on The Central Bank’s decision today to grant two seats in the banks’ boards of directors to women as an implementation of the directions of the President of the Republic

Women are living their golden era as a key partner in the sustainable development strategy.
The Egyptian state, under the leadership of President Sisi, is the first country in the world to launch a national strategy to empower women by 2030 to be a key partner in sustainable development at the political, economic and social levels.

Where legislation has been passed to ensure full protection for it and give them fair opportunities to realize themselves and highlight their efficiency. The recent decision of The Central Bank is the culmination of the role of women as a key partner in the Egyptian strategy for sustainable development and human rights.

This decision was preceded by a number of effective decisions, including: The new formation of the National Council for Women to include diverse and influential models of women which works with various state agencies to empower women economically to maximize its role in raising the domestic product, providing job opportunities and a better life for them and their families, and confronting poverty.

It was a series of outstanding achievements and the unique performance of Egyptian women at the level of ministries, namely: health and population - Egyptians working abroad - planning - trade and industry - international cooperation - social solidarity - and the environment as well as at the level of local development in the governorates.

Year 2020 witnessed a new victory for women cadres when they assumed high positions in many fields, including: the Ministry of Endowments - the Senate - the Administrative Prosecution - the Constitutional Court as well as in major educational institutions - and the Consumer Protection Agency.

The most prominent achievements of women in parliamentary life during 2020 is to increase their representation in the Egyptian parliament to 30% through 148 seats, which is the highest representation for them as well as her representation in the Senate and assuming the position of agency of the Council.

In addition to a series of achievements of the political leadership in favor of women, the issuance of many laws and legislations aimed at protecting women, including: cases of bullying - and evasion of alimony as well as maintaining the confidentiality of the victim of harassment crimes.