The Best bank in Financial Inclusion 2021


The Arab Bankers World Union awards
The United Bank Excellence Award "The Best bank in Financial Inclusion 2021”

Cairo: December 10th, 2021

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its establishment, The Arab Bankers World Union announced that The United Bank had won "The Best Bank in Financial Inclusion" award for the year 2021 in a huge celebration held in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

The United Bank was awarded "The Best Bank in Financial Inclusion" award 2021, as a culmination of its huge efforts in conducting a series of financial inclusion campaigns in various governorates, especially in Upper and Lower Egypt and under the auspices of The Central Bank of Egypt successfully to increase the number of beneficiaries of financial and digital services and to empower certain segments of Egyptian society, such as women and youth as well as creating a package of digital financial solutions that contributed to attracting different segments of customers to the banking sector.

The award was received by Nevine Kashmiry - Deputy Managing Director for Business Sectors at The United Bank, and Dina Anan - Senior Manager of the Financial Inclusion Department at The United Bank.

Ashraf El Kady, President of The United Bank, expressed that he is pleased that The Arab Bankers World Union has chosen The United Bank and crowned it with this distinguished award which reflects the extent of the belief of The Arab Bankers World Union in the importance of moving forward in expanding the base of financial inclusion and the eradication of financial and technological illiteracy.

El Kady added that the award for "The Best Bank in Financial Inclusion 2021” is a specialized award added to the record of the honorable achievements of The United Bank and evidence of the professionalism of the work team, which did not hesitate for a moment to work with perseverance and firm belief held to success to achieve these impressive results.

Ashraf El Kady explained that the technological renaissance that Egypt is currently witnessing and adopted by the Egyptian state and The Central Bank of Egypt as a national strategy for digitization and artificial intelligence will transform Egypt into a regional center in this promising field supported by Egypt's success in building a giant and modern network of infrastructure and roads, and creating urban communities according to smart city technology, which requires an increase in the number of those covered financially to maximize the benefit of the citizen and society as a whole.

Nevine Kashmiry - Deputy Managing Director for Business Sectors - expressed that the Egyptian state’s inclusion performance is considered one of the top 10 developed countries in the improvement index worldwide aiming to achieve digital inclusion, according to the statement issued by the Information and Decision Support Center of the Council of Ministers. It affirms that Egypt has been able to achieve good and remarkable progress in the field of digital technology and that is through the great availability of digital services, which is measured by the extent of individuals' ability to access Internet services, as well as digital policies that measure the flexibility of trust and security measures, policies, use, and privacy.

Kashmiry expressed to the series of educational seminars and shuttle visits that The United Bank conducted within the initiative of The Central Bank of Egypt in a number of governorates of the Republic, especially Upper Egypt, South Sinai and Delta governorates. These seminars and field visits aim to spread financial and digital culture and achieve financial inclusion, which contributes to the process of transformation into a cashless society. Thus, it is economically and socially reflected in the eradication of poverty and the improvement of citizens' lives, as well as treating a number of social problems, most notably unemployment and corruption.

Nevine Kashmiry explained that The United Bank offers, within its financial inclusion campaign, the possibility of opening bank accounts without administrative expenses and without a minimum, in addition to a series of digital services including internet banking, mobile banking and digital wallet with their distinct features and those who work 24 hours 7 days a week so that The United Bank’s customers can follow up on all their personal accounts, whether they are deposits, certificates, cards or finances, and make all transfers between their accounts with complete freedom, as well as making external transfers, whether for customers of the United Bank or non-customers in complete safety.

The digital services also enable The United Bank's customers to request the issuance of check books and the issuance of alternative cards, as well as activating or blocking the cards, in addition to the possibility of conducting an I-Score credit self-inquiry, as well as charging and paying cell phone and electricity bills, and the possibility of providing support and assistance through a range of major associations and institutions approved by the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

As well as a request to issue or link the distinguished United Bank certificates, whether traditional or compatible with the provisions of Sharia as well as requesting the issuance or linking of deposits of various kinds, especially those with a prepaid interest, where the customer can easily follow some instructions by himself, whether through his mobile phone or via the banking Internet without the need to apply for customer service in any of the 68 branches of the bank and enjoy a package of digital banking solutions, services, premium quality and speed is completely safe and according to the approved international standards.