Sponsored by South Sinai Governorate and The United Bank The governor of South Sinai celebrates the wedding of 25 indigent girls


Sponsored by South Sinai Governorate and The United Bank

The governor of South Sinai celebrates the wedding of 25 indigent girls


Cairo: 27 October 2020


Under the sponsorship of the governor of South Sinai, General \ Khaled Fouda, The United Bank announced its participation in sponsoring a group wedding ceremony for 25 the indigent girls from South Sinai Governorate in cooperation with a number of civil organizations and the directorate of social solidarity.


The group wedding ceremony was attended by General \ Khaled Fouda - Governor of South Sinai, Engineer \ Enas Samir - Deputy Governor of South Sinai and a number of executive leaders in the governorate.


The United Bank’s participation came as part of its continuous societal efforts to serve the people of the border governorates, specifically the governorate of South Sinai, and to support girls who are unable to complete their wedding where "Ethar" department for societal responsibility in the United Bank provided various electrical appliances as a gift for 25 brides.


In his speech during the wedding ceremony, General \ Khaled Fouda affirmed his personal gratitude to all major economic organizations that fully carry out their duty through their societal responsibility in supporting the indigent and providing support to orphan girls to complete their weddings.


Fouda declared that he honored the United Bank as part of the wedding ceremony as the bank is keen, led by Ashraf El-Kady - Chairman of The United Bank, to continue their developmental efforts for the benefit of the indigent people all over the South Sinai governorate.


From her side, Gehan Abo Hussein; head of "Ethar" department for societal responsibility and sustainability at the United Bank; affirmed that the bank is keen to share the joy with South Sinai indigent girls when they are to brides and support the completion of their wedding by giving them some electrical appliances. Also, Salem Transportation Company donated the fee of transportation as a contribution in this charitable work


Abo Hussein indicated that supporting the orphan girls who are about to get married comes within the series of humanitarian services that the United Bank continues to provide to the people of a dear spot on the land of Egypt, the beloved Sinai; and that the bank crowned a series of charitable services by holding a ceremony to honor the brilliant keepers of the Holy Quran from among the governorate's sons; in the presence of the chairman of the board of directors of The United Bank, the Governor of South Sinai, the leaders of the bank and the governorate.


Also, the bank has provided a pioneer humanitarian activity in Saint Catherine, its valleys, villages and Bedouin communities, by organizing the initiatives "Your Eyes in Our Eyes" to reduce the causes of blindness and "Our Children in Our Eyes" to protect the schools’ children from eye diseases, anemia and diabetes. In addition, the bank presents seasonal assistance to the neediest families around Saint Catherine, with winter blankets and food boxes; also organizing banking awareness lectures for the youth of El Tor city within the framework of the Financial Inclusion Initiative sponsored by The Central Bank of Egypt.