On the occasion of President El Sisi's launch of the National Human Rights Strategy


On the occasion of President El Sisi's launch of the National Human Rights Strategy


The United Bank joins Sovereign Fund, Banque Misr and Insurance Holding Company to establishes a platform for educational investments with a capital of 1.75 billion pounds


Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank

  • The United Bank supports the state's plans to build modern Egyptian personality and identity through developing the educational system.
  • The "Lighthouse" platform has promising growth opportunities.
  • Joint management of the fund by Eng. Hossam Kabbani, "IronWood Investments" and "Misr Capital".
  • Investment in education serves the national human rights strategy.
  • The institutional partnership between banking institutions and civil society to maximize the outcomes of the educational system.
  • The educational system is the locomotive of sustainable development for the country.


Cairo: September 14th, 2021


The United Bank announced that it has joined an alliance that includes Egypt's Sovereign Fund, Banque Misr and Insurance Holding Company to establish a Lighthouse platform for educational investments with a target capital of 1.75 billion pounds. The approval of The Central Bank of Egypt is being obtained for the consortium, along with other investors, to subscribe in the first closing of the educational platform, with a value of 500 million pounds.


Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of the United Bank, says that investment in the educational system comes in implementation of the policy of the Egyptian state and the directions of the political leadership to pay attention to the educational system and maximize investments in it to support it technically and technically. This reflects positively on the stages of building the modern Egyptian personality and identity.


Where President Abdel Fattah El Sisi announced the launch of the National Human Rights Strategy 2021-2022, whose top priority is investment in the educational system in its various stages of basic and technical education to serve the goals and principles of sustainable development in accordance with Egypt’s vision 2030 and thus achieve comprehensive economic and social development.


El Kady explained that "Lighthouse" platform has promising growth opportunities and is in line with the alliance's strategy by investing in Egyptian cadres who are able to form influential projects in sectors such as education, "Lighthouse" educational platform through the establishment of new schools and the purchase of existing schools that the platform aspires to improve and maximize its value.


According to the new partnership agreement, the platform will be managed under the supervision of Engineer Hossam Kabbani - a specialist in the management and construction of schools and one of the founders of Orman Schools - in addition to IronWood Investments and Misr Capital.


Ashraf El Kady expressed that the institutional partnership between financial institutions and the financial community institutions specialized in education, which resulted in the Lighthouse platform for educational investments, is one of the mechanisms to maximize returns from the learning outcomes of the citizen by upgrading the educational system of the Egyptian state in all its stages and specializations.


Ashraf El Kady made it clear that the educational system and technical education are of great interest to the Egyptian state, as it is the locomotive of development. That is why the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, as well as the Ministry of Higher Education, seek to develop visions, mechanisms and plans to meet the needs of the labor market and provide real job opportunities for graduates by linking the educational process in accordance with the latest practices to the needs of the labor market.