In the month of Ramadan


Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank, announced the launch of The United Bank's team convoys in its various departments, branches and offices during the month of Ramadan under the slogan "Open the doors of goodness" in a voluntary mission to eliminate the causes of blindness and dwarfism. As well as feeding in cooperation with the Foundation of good makers and the Egyptian Food Bank to cover Sinai and Upper Egypt. The Bank's youth participate in the campaign of our children in our care Where the team of The United Bank volunteers in cooperation with the Foundation of good makers within the national initiative, "our children in our eyes" aims to eliminate blindness (blind) to examine and disclose the causes of blindness in children of Egypt. And the declaration of Egypt free of the causes of blindness 2020 under the auspices of the President of the Republic. The United Bank youth participated in The Egyptian Food Bank to eliminate hunger The belief that hunger is a human tragedy is the world's primary problem and that we, as an international community, must unite to overcome it. The team of the United Bank has contributed to the mobilization of food crates bearing the logo of the United Bank and the Egyptian Food Bank to feed hundreds of families in Upper Egypt and Sinai. As well as contribute to the treatment of causes of dwarfism and malnutrition in children. El Kady, said the latest UN report said one out of nine people was suffering from hunger globally. Global hunger has risen to 821 million. In the World Health Organization's 2018 report, 151 million children are stunted, as a result of malnutrition. These rates are increasing significantly in the continent of Africa. In Egypt, about 42% of Egypt's population is below the poverty line. The percentage increases in the governorates, especially in Upper Egypt. All these figures and indicators highlighted the necessity of the work of the United Bank's team of voluntary activities to eliminate hunger and fight stunting and malnutrition. Commenting on the campaign of The United Bank's team during the month of Ramadan, Ashraf El Kady says that sustainable community development comes within the strategies of The United Bank 2019-2021. It is based on maximizing all that the individual contributes to economic and social development within society. As well as the promotion of thought and development activity of the bank's teamwork within the work environment and outside the boundaries of the institution, this explains the interest of the United Bank in the field of health and education. El kady added that voluntary work and solidarity exists strongly within the fabric and composition of the institution. All development activities come within an integrated system of social development work, which is managed with contemporary thought and technology aimed at achieving the principle of social solidarity and urged by all the heavenly religions. Through the management of "Eythar" for community development, this includes a large base of civil society institutions that aim to improve the level of services and development of the Egyptian citizen at the level of the governorates of the Republic.