In an official survey on the occasion of Mother's Day


In an official survey on the occasion of Mother's Day
The selection of the head of "Ethar" for community development The United Bank, the ideal mother 2021

Cairo: March 24th, 2021
The Bankers Lounge website, which is specialized in the banking sector, has chosen Gihan Abou Hussein - Head of "Ethar" for community development department, the United Bank, as the ideal mother 2021 of all operating banks in an official survey conducted on the site on the occasion of Mother's Day over the past two weeks.

Gihan Abou Hussein expressed her happiness with this honor and selection by the visitors of Bankers Lounge website, and attributed the honor and the success of the mission of "Ethar" The United Bank to the huge support from the Bank's administration for all national projects and initiatives and developmental work carried out by the "Ethar" administration for community development department, as well as to the effort and dedication of the work team in achieving the goals and strategy of The United Bank in community development.

Abou Hussein indicated that working on the ground is the most important characteristic of the management of "Ethar" The United Bank, aiming to make a clear impact on the lives of marginalized and targeted classes, as well as the sustainable development and economic empowerment of these groups aiming to achieve comprehensive development for Egypt according to the state's vision 2030.

Gihan Abou Hussein has managed "Ethar" for community development at The United Bank since last 2008, in addition to her membership in the Social Responsibility Committee of the Federation of Egyptian Banks, represented by The United Bank, headed by Lamis Negm - Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt for Social Responsibility.

Gihan Abou Hussein has participated in a number of national initiatives, community development projects, national and civil campaigns aimed at establishing and achieving sustainable development goals and supporting the efforts of the state and The Central Bank of Egypt towards improving citizens' lives, eliminating slums and improving the quality of services provided to them, especially in the field of health and education.

Among the most important projects and initiatives undertaken by the administration of "Ethar" The United Bank, including: the initiative to eliminate slums with great efforts in "Asmarat District", as well as the national campaign 100 Million Health, the national campaign to eliminate waiting lists, the "Our Children in Our Eye" initiative, aiming to eliminate the causes of blindness and anemia for primary school students, the sacrifice instruments project and the change of public culture towards religious rituals, aiming to deliver sacrificial meat to the needy in a civilized manner all over the Republic, the activities of the annual competition for the Holy Qur’an organized by The United Bank for the Care of the Keepers of the Book of God in 19 governorates of the Republic, the sustainable development project in South Sinai, specifically Saint Catherine and the project for the elimination of debtors, aiming to develop social and economic solutions to end this issue and enable it economically.

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank - points out that Gihan Abou Hussein is a unique model of organized community work, She always seeks to serve the largest number of marginalized and targeted groups with the best quality and always strives to achieve the goals of sustainable development according to the international principles and standards.

Dr. Emad Qattara - President of the Bankers Lounge Academy said that this tradition was maintained by the site for several years aiming to honor influential female models on Mother's Day, to set an example for ladies and damsels on the practical and social level. Gihan Abou Hussein was chosen unanimously from the site’s visitors for her dedication and sincerity in performing her work tasks and humanity towards all members of the work team.