In a referendum for the magazine of diplomacy in Egypt and the Arab world


In a referendum conducted by the magazine Diplomacy in Egypt and the Arab World, that includes a number of the most influential figures in the Arab world in a number of fields. Nevine Kashmiry, Deputy Managing Director, The United Bank of the Business Sector was selected as one of the top 25 influential women in 2018.
In the presence of a group of ambassadors and diplomats from a number of countries including the Republic of Nepal - Malaysia - Cameroon - Kazakhstan - Bella Russia - Albania - Sudan - UAE and Lebanon.
Dr. Naglaa Al-Ahwani, the former Minister of International Cooperation, handed over the honorary plaque to Nevine Kashmiry, among a group of businessmen and bankers in Egypt.
Nevine Kashmiry successfully launch The United Bank's credit portfolio to make significant leaps in record time in accordance with the strategic policy of The United Bank.
At the level of large and small, medium and micro enterprises, Nevine Kashmiry divided them into five main sectors: Joint Financing Sector, Large Corporate Sector, SME Sector and Micro Finance, as well as start-up projects sector, whether in the medium and long term according to cash flows and feasibility studies that require banking and technical expertise in accordance with international standards, as well as the Shariah compliant finance sector.
At the retail banking level, Kashmiry has developed a plan to develop existing banking products and introduce new products tailored to the nature of the age and the requirements of customers, especially the youth.
Nevine Kashmiry has extensive banking experience in the field of credit, especially corporate credit and retail banking. She has worked with a number of major banks, including the Egyptian Gulf Bank, Greece's Piraeus Bank and Egypt International Bank, since her graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science.
She has also obtained many specialized certificates and banking, administrative and credit training courses both in Egypt and abroad, which enabled her to take over the leadership of the credit sectors and positions in the senior management, which represents the backbone of a number of banks such as: The certificate of preparation of banking leaders in Greece, the certificate of how to manage credit at the American University in Cairo and the certificate of credit management of companies from the Arab Academy in Jordan, the certificate of management of integrated banks of Deutsche Bank in Germany and a course in the development of management skills in England, as well as London Tours to study governance and others. And the Netherlands Tours to study sustainability in financial institutions.
She has held a number of positions as a member of the Board of Directors of United Leasing Company, the financing arm of United Bank, Prime Holding Securities Company, Development Company for Micro-Enterprises, Al-Shabaa, Mebdaco Pharmaceuticals and other companies.
This is in addition to her charity work as a member of the Rotary Club of Qasr El Nil and her contributions to the charitable work of the bank for her belief in volunteer work to support and serve the community.
Women coming
Under the title of women coming, Nevine Kashmiry says - those women have proved the ability to face and absorb shocks and turn them to successes at all levels, especially the banking sector.
The United Bank and Women's Empowerment
She said that The United Bank and its management, represented by Ashraf El Kady, chairman of the Board of Directors, pays great attention to women, both internally as a bank and at the external society level. Therefore, he provides all the support and assistance that qualify women in various positions in the bank to progress and achievement of all tasks with excellence and accuracy, as well as intellectual and training support, giving her a strong push forward and leadership positions.
On the external level, The United Bank targets women at various levels, especially rural women, dependents and poor to strengthen their participation in the national economy and raise the rates of female employment and achieve the system of financial inclusion.