Gains the second place for the best young influential leaders in the Banker’s Lounge 2019 poll


United Bank
Gains the second place for the best young influential leaders in the Banker’s Lounge 2019 poll

Cairo: December 28th, 2019

The Banker’s Lounge website announced the result of the referendum in 2019 to select the most influential young banking leaders. That announcement is through his official page on the social networking site "Facebook", which has a large base of pioneers from banks.

Where Iman Ihab Shehab - Assistant Director General of Banking Operations Sector announced as the second place for the most influential young leaders.

Iman Shihab joined the United Bank in 1995 in the Dealing Room administration. After one year, she moved to the external transfer department (Swift). Here she realized that this specialization is what she aspires to work and specialize in her career. Then she joined the Trade Finance team, specifically in managing documentary credits, collection documents, and letters of guarantee. Iman graduated in positions until she reached the director of the central collection documents department at the United Bank.

Iman follows the administrative methodology and following closely. She herself trains and follows up with her young colleagues daily. The matter that contributed to the creation of the spirit of friendship and fellowship, and this was reflected in the success of the team as a whole and the performance of management in general within the departments of the United Bank. As well as taking into account the human dimension and spreading the spirit of cooperation and love.

Iman Shihab succeeded in developing a work system for managing collection documents. Contribute to accelerate the pace of work and gain more customer satisfaction. Which contributed to the excellence of the performance of the United Bank among the banks in this field with the best and fastest service in the field of finance and trade.

Iman obtained many specialized training courses from the basics of Trade Finance to the methods and international systems applied in Trade Finance and transfers within the Republic of Egypt or a number of countries in the world, the last of which was a specialized conference in Trade Finance in Morocco.

Iman Shehab says that the management of the United Bank greatly supports young cadres and works to create a second generation of young leaders qualified for professional management. This is by opening the way for specialized training and education, especially e-learning, development and continuous improvement in performance to serve customers and gain their satisfaction.

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