For the fifth year


For the fifth year
The United Bank calls for young leaders and senior management to develop a strategy for 2022

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank Board of Directors
•    Harmony between young leaders and those with experience is a motive for excellency.
•    Rehabilitation of human elements with contemporary skills to keep pace with the technological revolution.
•    Reducing dependence on the human side in the conduct of daily banking business.
•    Creating job opportunities based on innovation and creativity.
•    Huge opportunities for financial technology and artificial intelligence in the market.
•    Changing customer behavior drives digital expansion.

Cairo: October 19th, 2021

Under the slogan "Digital Transformation .. Reality", The United Bank held its annual meetings with the help of young leaders from the graduates of High Fliers Academy, middle management and senior management to discuss the axes of The United Bank's strategy 2022.

Over the course of three consecutive days, brainstorming sessions and constructive discussions were held, which produced a number of axes for the general strategy of The United Bank, and resulted in several long and short-term goals.

Topics covered: The completion of a number of innovative digital transformation applications and programs that will be introduced for the first time in the market during 2022, with the aim of meeting the customer's current needs and future aspirations. As well as maintaining the gains of digital excellence for the services of The United Bank since last 2017. As well as developing innovative banking solutions that keep pace with changing customer behavior and benefiting from their orientations towards digital banking services.

Expanding the customer base benefiting from digital technology within the framework of the Egyptian state plan 2030 and the programs of The Central Bank of Egypt to expand the base of financial inclusion and spread financial culture and digital services. This is part of the process of systematic transformation of the Egyptian society into a cashless society. As well as directing financial resources for the benefit of "a decent life" programs, this contributes in creating more job opportunities and thus eliminating poverty and improving the citizen’s income.

As well as geographical expansion and spread in a number of branches and digital centers. As well as maximizing the system of specialized financing programs for the sector of major projects, small, medium and micro enterprises and start-ups. As well as working to increase the volume of investments directed to specific sectors such as industry, which serve the goals of comprehensive development.

This is in addition to rehabilitating The United Bank's team, especially the second-grade leaders and youth, to raise their professional competence to keep pace with technological wealth and customer service. And support the talents of the work team in the field of innovation of banking products and services that keep pace with the needs of the customer and keep pace with their future ambitions.

Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank said that these significant step has been adopted since last 2017 to integrate its work team in various departments and branches, especially the second-tier leaders and young leaders along with the senior management to develop the annual strategy for The United Bank aiming to maximize the value of partnership and communication between generations. As well as instilling the concept of belonging and working as a team to maintain the distinguished position of The United Bank within the market and work to maximize the market share of the bank.

El Kady added that the annual strategy of The United Bank is developed in light of many facts, including: the general vision of the Egyptian state and regional and global changes, whether economically, socially or technologically, as well as the plans and programs of The Central Bank of Egypt, in addition to the human and technical resources of The United Bank and its sustainable development goals.