Exclusively for Dr. Aly Gomaa A speech on the work value and community development


In a good gesture, Dr. Aly Gomaa -  member of the Council of Senior Scholars and the former Grand Mufti of Egypt and head of Sharia Board, The United Bank – explained exclusively the value of work and community development, dedicated to Saint Catherine’s people.

This is within the framework of The United Bank empowerment "Tagaleyat" project dedicated for 350 families from Saint Catherine's region as a first stage under the slogan "Transfigurations .. inherited by generations" and under the auspices of the Governor of South Sinai, Major General Khaled Fouda, and Major General Talaat EL Anani - President of Saint Catherine City.

The United Bank availed to watch the video on The United Bank's YouTube channel, as well as through social media sites.

Gehane Abou Hussein - Head of the Ethar for Community Development, The United Bank - says that "Tagaleyat" project aims at economic empowerment Saint Catherine’s people and the Mountain of Transfiguration region aiming to promote entrepreneurship to improve competitiveness and productivity, especially in the field of agricultural manufacturing , food products and handicrafts for which this region is famous, such as: the mountain honey, the olive oil extraction and pressing industry, the natural herbs’ cultivation, the almonds’ cultivation and the soap industry, as well as handicrafts with the famous Sinai embroidery and the manufacture of rosaries from the seeds of olive trees in the Holy Valley and El Arba’een Valley.

Gehane Abu Hussein added, "The city of Saint Catherine and the Mountain of Transfiguration region in particular is famous for many agricultural products with competitive advantages, especially as they are extracted from natural resources." Where The United Bank created a method for packaging in a way that mixes natural colors and a logo designed specifically for the products included: the olive tree - Sinai olive oil - the rosary of the Holy Valley - heritage artifacts - mountain honey - almond trees.