Celebrating Women’s International Day


Celebrating Women’s International Day
The United Bank announced 6 winners for its internal campaign “Woman worth 100 Men”

Cairo: March 8th, 2021
Under the slogan "Woman Worth 100 Men", The United Bank launched an internal competition to choose a model that represents women in taking responsibility, action and achieving the highest results and exerting innovative ways of managing business and time, within the work team of The United Bank 1800 employees in 65 branches spread all over the Republic.

The competition activities took place over two consecutive weeks, and one of the most outstanding conditions of the competition was for a colleague to nominate models who meet the competition criteria. The number of female candidates reached 40 lady and miss.

The result was announced yesterday after internal voting process on The United Bank’s website. The United Bank’s team chooses 6 models that represent examples and models for successful women in all sectors and 65branches.

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank - says that the month of March represents a global and local appreciation for the roles that women play. It is considered a true tribute to her great and important work in life as an essential partner in building and progressing.

El Kady expressed that this type of competitions is considered one of the internal activities carried out by the institutional communication sector as part of the annual plan to maximize the effectiveness between the various work teams, and to increase interaction between the work team aiming to build communications’ bridges and exchange of experiences, by highlighting the successful models and creating examples, which contributes in enhancing the spirit of belonging to the institution.

Ashraf El Kady indicated that this year, 6 women were voted, representing different age groups, administrative positions and a different nature of work from the ladies and misses of The United Bank. Some of them are the head of the sector, some of them are recent graduates, some of them have practical experience, and some of them are the district manager. They are really a model and an example for the rest of the female colleagues. They fulfill their roles on the level of work with high professionalism and utmost sincerity and dedication side by side with colleagues; and on the social level they are successful with their families.