Bankers' Lounge Chooses the ideal mother 2020 from the mothers of determination in The United Bank


Bankers' Lounge

Chooses the ideal mother 2020 from the mothers of determination in The United Bank


Cairo: March 23rd, 2020

Bankers Lounge, a lounge specializes in banking, selected Siham Wagih Mahmoud an employee with determination in The United Bank and works in quality management in Minya branch to win the title of ideal mother 2020 for banks.

Siham Wagih Mahmoud was chosen as the ideal mother for United Bank 2020 after winning the most votes in an internal referendum by the team of the United Bank in the annual competition for choosing the ideal mother.

Siham Wagih Mahmoud carries a long and challenging story of struggle, despite the fact that she is one of those with determination, particularly of the hearing impaired, this challenge was a motive for her in her work and among her family's surroundings.

Siham Wagih Mahmoud works in the Quality Department, which is one of the most important departments in The United Bank and is concerned with providing banking services in accordance with international quality standards to gain customer satisfaction. On the other hand, Siham had a major role as a mother and wife. As well as taking care of her mother after her father’s death.

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank - extended his congratulations and honors to the ideal mother and expressed that the Egyptian woman is half of society and that the month of March is the month of women around the world, starting from the International Women's Day March 8 through the Egyptian Women's Day March 16 to Mother’s Day March 21.

Ashraf El Kady expressed that the women of Egypt are great throughout the historical ages. He also valued their social, economic and political role and they're the driving force in this society.

Ashraf El Kady pointed out that the conditions for choosing the ideal mother for The United Bank include basic elements: A giver, an establisher to human values ​​and anchors the meaning of family. In addition to the mother’s ability to maintain family cohesion and the balance between the multiplicity of responsibility for her, promoting positive values ​​for her children and their embrace and care. Also the struggle in facing the challenges of work and life in general.

For his part, Dr. Emad Qattara, President of Banks Lounge Academy, affirmed that in the year 2020 the lounge witnessed the beginning of the tradition of the academy, which is the selection of ideal mothers between the banking sector and their celebration and honor. This highlights the woman's ability to manage her life and balance her work in the banking sector and between her role as a mother and a wife.

He pointed out that this year 5 banks participated, including the United Bank, which nominated Siham Wagih Mahmoud based on the number of votes and nominations by her colleagues.


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