Amr Zaki Egypt national team football player and Zamalek club


Zamalek player Amr Zaki won the Millionaire Certificate from The United Bank in December withdrawal 2018. The United Bank handed over the player last week the value of the prize in the Shooting club branch after a police minutes for the loss of the player's original certificate.
"Praise be to Allah .. And Lord sustains blessings ... We win and support the whole people" With these words Amr Zaki began his speech after winning the Millionaire Certificate. He said he would support the civil society organization concerned with social solidarity.
Amr Zaki has bought 50 millionaire certificates from The United Bank since 2008. During these years he has renewed them twice. In December 2019, one of these certificates won the monthly draw by The United Bank under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity for a total of 4 million pounds annually.
Ashraf El Kady, chairman of The United Bank, said that the millionaire's certificate has made many millionaires more than 500 millionaires. The verse says gracious "Allah gives whomever he wants".
He added that the Millionaire certificate is a symbiosis among all its holders and Allah determines who wins it every month. It also represents a huge literary and social wealth. It monitors and expresses the pulse of Egyptian society and its dreams and changes, as well as its problems and large shifts in it within a specified period of time.
A client can go to any of The United Bank 53 branches, which is spread throughout the country's governorates, buys the millionaire's certificate for 100 pounds and dreams of the big prize money. And to become a millionaire. The names of the winners are expected and monitored each month: via The United Bank website or through the call center or bank page on the social networking site. Hoping to achieve his dream and win this award.
The Millionaire certificate of The United Bank has become closely linked to a set of dreams and aspirations that reflect the true needs and aspirations of society.
Brief about the Millionaire Certificate
The Millionaire Certificate is a nominal certificate for a period of five years, renewed automatically and entered into 32 withdrawals throughout the year for a total of 4 million pounds. 100 thousand pounds 10 times a year and 50 thousand pounds 20 times a year and the grand prize million pounds in the withdrawal of January and July of each year.
This was approved by the Egyptian Fatwa House in terms of the value and duration of the certificate and the return invested in it. The certificate is considered to be a single investment security managed by Sharia compliant banking rules. The dividend is distributed at the end of the certificate period.