A huge leap in the banking process to serve our national partners...


Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank:

The campaign is a confirmation of our belief in the role of social responsibility towards all citizens without discrimination and to achieve the initiative of The Central Bank to expand the rule of financial inclusion and non-monetary society.

The mechanisms of the campaign came at the highest level as a result of discussions with specialists and studies of the needs of this market in accordance with the highest international standards.

More than 13 million Egyptian are disabled challenged to provide them with a distinctive service that helps them to play their role to build and develop the homeland.


Launching "Touch Your Dream" started with the following steps:


  • Issuing the first brochure of The United Bank's banking services in Braille language.
  • Rehabilitation of a number of branches of The United Bank to serve the segment of people with a sense of interest.
  • Cooperation with The Egyptian Banking Institute to qualify the customer service representatives to deal with international standards.
  • Producing an advertising video about The United Bank's products and branches.


Under the Slogan of "Touching Your Dream", The United Bank’s campaign for Financial Inclusion (2019) launched and directed to people with special needs to provide a unique banking experience that matches the potential of this segment with its various elements of youth and women. As part of the Egyptian state plan to transform the non-sectarian society through the application of mechanisms of financial inclusion and access to banking services to the largest base of Egyptian society.


We believe in the importance of the empowerment of these energies (people with special needs) in the homeland within the process of comprehensive development currently undertaken by Egypt in accordance with the vision 2030. Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank – said that the bank pays great attention to this segment of the people and provide them with Banking services to encourage them to deal with the bank especially with the issuance of the disability law, which came to confirm the full awareness of the political leadership and state institutions of the importance of integration and empowerment.


The role of technology in technical communication with people with motivational

El Kady added that modern technological technology has positively affected the services of communication with this segment of customers, and to address them and provide services and financial solutions to them an integral part of their human rights and to achieve the principles of equality and non-discrimination and equal opportunities and effective participation.


Rehabilitation of the United Bank's branches

Ashraf El Kady pointed out that The United Bank has started implementing an ambitious plan aimed at expanding the financial inclusion to include a large market share of people with special needs (motor / optical / audio) by rehabilitating its branches. It started by supplying two branches with special specifications suitable to the nature of those with special needs. These facilities include easy entry and exit. A number of ATMs are currently being rehabilitated to serve them according to the nature of the people with special abilities.


A certified customer service representative from The Egyptian Institute of Banking

El Kady added that the customer service representative of the two branches has been qualified and trained to communicate with customers with special needs (people with special needs, motor / audio / visual) and after obtaining a certified training certificate from the Institute of Banking.


Media plan to expand the services of The United Bank for the disabled

Ashraf El Kady said that The United Bank has created a number of media mechanisms within an ambitious plan that includes a series of marketing and promotional messages for this segment of society, including:


Issuing the first Braille International Bank Brochure

The United Bank in cooperation with El Akhbar El Youm published the first bank manual to display the services of The United Bank in Braille International divided into two parts:


The first part of the booklet includes a detailed explanation of the services and products of The United Bank, distinguished both traditional and Shariaa compliant: opening an account, issuing credit cards, prepaid in local and foreign currency, as well as funding such as the financing of Hajj and Umrah and mortgage programs for low-income housing, middle-income housing and luxury also educational funding.


The second part of the booklet includes a presentation of the general conditions and rules for opening a bank account written in Braille to identify customers. The Bank will also be able to enjoy The United Bank's distinguished offers in celebrating the Arab Day for Financial Inclusion under the auspices of The Central Bank of Egypt.


Production of promotional video advertising

The United Bank also produced, filmed and recorded an ad video broadcast on the internal network of the branches of The United Bank and also on the social networks including an announcement of the products of The United Bank distinguished using the sign language for easy communication with customers with special concerns (audio-special concerns) Innovative.