A General Manager at The United Bank donates the price of a “Hand Made" painting


Through the Bankers Lounge page
A General Manager at The United Bank donates the price of a “Hand Made" painting in the auction of charity for a heart catheterization operation at “Sonaa El Khir” Good Makers Foundation

Cairo: 28 July 2020

Abeer Ezzat - General Director of the Commitment Sector at The United Bank - donated a painting of her own works in the field of handicrafts "Hand Made" for sale in an auction of charity in favor of treating one of the heart conditions at the Good Makers Foundation.
The Bankers Lounge page; specialized in banking; conducted a three-day auction last week, titled The Good Auction. The auction ended with the sale of the painting for 10 thousand Egyptian pounds. The buyer refused to reveal his name, confirming that it was a charitable act.
Abeer Ezzat, the owner of the painting, said that she is very happy with this charitable work and the result of the auction of goodness. In addition, she said that the amount will contribute to a cardiac catheterization surgery for a critical case at the Good Makers Foundation, and writes a new birth certificate for her that will bring her and her family back to life, God willing.
Abeer Ezzat added that she has been making hands crafts, "Cross-stitch" since childhood, considering it a type of high-end art that seems to be disappearing these days with the introduction of modern machines. She indicated that making the painting took more than 3 months of continuous work and when she finished making it, she decided to sell it and give it away for charity.
Also, she expressed her gratitude for the cooperation of the Bankers Lounge page and the interaction of the page surfers with the Good Auction, as well as the Foundation for Good Makers and their communication to build bridges of charitable work for the benefit of those who are unable; and also for the buyer who has the credit for this charitable work.
Mustafa Zamzam - Chairman of the Good Makers Foundation - explained that this initiative is considered one of the very good ideas that attracted a large number of visitors to the Bankers Lounge page. He added that the painting was made with high craftsmanship, which had a great impact in selling it for such an amount that contributed to conducting a heart catheterization operation for one of the critical cases that the Foundation is taking care of.
Dr. Emad Kattara - President of the Bankers Lounge Foundation - indicated that the idea of promoting a good auction for the sale of handicrafts has been spreading globally for years, especially with the expansions in the use of electronic platforms, which facilitated communication between exhibitors and collectors of this type of artifacts and works of art.

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