82 innovators win The United Bank's Chairman's Award for Excellency 2020


Out of 1800 employees
82 innovators win The United Bank's Chairman's Award for Excellency 2020

Ashraf El Kady: Chairman of The United Bank
•    The Excellency award aims to consolidate the principles and values of excellence and accelerate the sustainable development paths of the bank.
•    The efficiency of the work team is the pride of The United Bank and the culmination of its efforts.
•    3 main axes for The United Bank's Chairman's Award for Excellency 2020.
•    The award motivates team work to excel, innovate, and improve performance on all banking levels.
•    Encouraging the competition between various departments and branches to provide the best banking service for the customers’ benefit.

Cairo: February 17th, 2021.

A new spirit created by the first competition to distinguish the performance of The United Bank's work team in branches and departments, entitled "The United Bank Chairman’s Award for administrative, technical and intellectual workforce."
1800 employees participated in the competition activities in all the 65 branches of The United Bank, also, the work team of 29 departments from the bank’s departments in 3 main centers, as well as the activities of choosing the best 3 ideas for new innovative products or services proposed by the United Bank, according to its strategy.

After a series of difficult practical and personal choices, the competition showed the distinction of a large number of The United Bank's team who work in silence and privately, characterized by innovation, distinction, and a great ability to apply the highest international banking quality standards.

The clock ticked yesterday, for Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank, to announce the names of the winners of "The United Bank Chairman's Award for Excellency 2020" administratively, technically and intellectually in the branches and departments. As well as the best 3 innovative ideas in a celebration through the video conference feature, which included The United Bank's team of 1800 in various branches, departments and senior management.

In a special comment, Ashraf El Kady, expressed his content and appreciation to the results achieved and the selection of 82 distinguished and creative members from The United Bank’s team with the best administrative, technical and intellectual performance during 2020. He added that the work team has demonstrated a practical level of performance and high efficiency that enabled it to place The United Bank in the of major banks’ rank.

El Kady pointed out that this award is the real beginning of the appreciation of competencies and encouragement of those with creative ideas to move forward towards more innovation, as well as the appreciation of loyal and competent people and encouraging them to innovate more in the field of electronic banking, which is witnessing great growth, especially after the global outbreak of the Corona virus crisis and its effects.

He added that this award is a strong start to encourage the distinguished and innovators to continue their efforts to overcome the consequences of the pandemic and work to strengthen the efforts of the distinguished and competent work team to achieve The United Bank’s sustainable growth strategy.

Ashraf El Kady indicated that the award aims to implement several concepts that include the consolidation of the principles and values of excellence, the banking services quality, the governance, the digital technology applications and meeting the customers’ needs according to the international standards, which spread an atmosphere of positive and effective competition between The United Bank’s team in the various branches and departments.

"The United Bank's Chairman's Award for Excellency 2020" depends on three main axes:

The first axis: realizing The United Bank’s vision and strategy which is based on innovation and encouraging innovators as a strong basis for sustainable growth. This reflects a new style and thought in planning, implementation and development to reach professionalism in performance, especially in the field of digital banking services.

The second axis: the distinguished performance in the branches to serve a wide range of clients and attract different segments to achieve the Egyptian state’s and the Central Bank vision to transform into a cashless society and widen the base of financial inclusion.

The third axis: the best 3 innovative ideas of products or services encourage the work team to innovate to gain customer satisfaction, which is in the interest of the citizen.