7 branches to join The United Bank branches over 3 governorates in 2020


Starting with new Damietta branch
7 branches to join The United Bank branches over 3 governorates in 2020

Cairo: February 26, 2020

Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank, announced the expansion plan for The United Bank 2020, which begins under the slogan "We are proceeding ... for the convenience of customers". With the aim of attracting more customers to expand the base of financial inclusion and spreading digital banking services and banking services dedicated to the sector of small, medium and micro enterprises and traditional financial solutions that are compatible with the provisions of Sharia.

Ashraf El-Kady inaugurated Damiette new branch  in presence of  Farag Abdel Hamid - Vice Chairman and Rehab Azmi - Head of the Retail Banking Branch Sector and Ahmed Salah - General Manager of The United Bank branches for the governorates and cities of the Delta, Upper Egypt and Sharif Sabaa - Deputy General Manager of The United Bank branches for the governorates and cities of the Canal, Greater Cairo, Giza and Nabeel Qalawi - Head of the Affairs Sector Administrative and Gamal Al-Banna - Head of the Real Estate Sector and Ahmed Helmy - Head of the Information Technology Sector and selected managers of branches and regions in The United Bank

Ashraf El Kady expressed that the expansion plan of The United Bank 2020 includes the opening of 7 new branches in 3 governorates: South Sinai Governorate (Sharm El-Sheikh City) - Red Sea Governorate (Hurghada City) - Dakahlia Governorate (Gamasa City) - Cairo Governorate (Nasr City, Mokattam and Tagamoa) Fifth) bringing the number of branches of The United Bank to 70 branches covering the governorates of Egypt.

Ashraf  El Kady added that the choice of the three governorates came based on geographic and demographic study. Also within the framework of the development plan of the Egyptian state 2030 in the governorates of the Republic and the investment map for Egypt in terms of new industrial areas, urban expansion, road network and development hubs. As well as, encouraging entrepreneurs and developing of small, medium and micro enterprises sector.

Ashraf El Kady pointed out that The United Bank launched several products specialized in the development of the small and medium enterprises sector, including: My tool - My Bus / Truck - My Lab.

My Tool Product: It is a specialized program for financing machinery and industrial and agricultural production lines for all establishments, companies and factories. Funding starts from one million to 25 million pounds.

My Bus / Truck product: It is a specialized program for service sectors that affect the development of productive sectors, whether industrial or commercial. As this product is dedicated to financing institutions, schools, universities, transport and tour companies. It starts from one million pounds to 25 million pounds.

My Lab product: It is a program specialized in financing laboratories, radiology centers and treatment centers. It starts from one million pounds to 20 million pounds. It serves the medical sector with all of its activities in all governorates of the Republic.

In addition to the "Intilaaqah" product for micro sector finance. The United Bank also launched several digital banking products, including: the digital wallet that has met with great success among customers - the bank's mobile - the Internet for corporate banking - and the cash management service, as well as electronic payments for taxes and customs.

Further to banking products, whether in compliance with Sharia or traditional provisions, such as: financing new and used cars, and financing Hajj and Umrah. In addition to offering the prepaid card in foreign currencies, as well as the platinum card, the Meeza card, contactless cards, who enjoy many advantages, including: Cashback on all purchases and discounts are large in a number of major stores.

Moreover to the bunch of certificates and savings containers with distinct returns, whether traditional or in compliance with the provisions of Sharia in various periods of investment.

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