15 million pounds from The United Bank to “Tahya Misr” Fund


According to The presidential initiative to purchase corona virus vaccine.
15 million pounds from The United Bank of the Long Live Egypt “Tahya Misr” Fund.

Ashraf El Kady: Chairman of The United Bank
•    The bank supports the health system and community support for the most vulnerable groups
•    The bank’s strategy is based on supporting the efforts of the state and civil society
•    A partnership with the Long Live Egypt “Tahya Misr” fund for more than 7 years

Cairo: February 3, 2021

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank - announced The United Bank donated of 15 million Egyptian pounds to the Long Live Egypt “Tahya Misr” Fund to finance the purchase of the antidote against the virus (Covid 19) known in the media as the emerging corona virus, according to The presidential initiative.

El Kady notes that The United Bank’s donation came in a quick response to support the health system and offer community support to the Egyptian people, especially the care priority to the medical personnel, critical and chronic cases, affected cases and the elderly from the indigent groups.

Ashraf El Kady explained that the strategy of The United Bank was built to strengthen the efforts of the state and civil institutions to extend the range of solidarity and community protection to serve the purposes of sustainable development. The Long Live Egypt “Tahya Mist” Fund comes on the list of the most important civil institutions having the most social influence to support the indigent ones.

El Kady referred to the growing partnership with the Long Live Egypt “Tahya Misr” Fund, which lasted for more than 6 years, and was translated on the ground in many protocols and community development work that include the United Bank donation of  20 million pounds during the last year 2020 to support the irregular employment of daily workers, as well as a list of disinfection and sterilization tasks for villages,  cities and full support for the health system in the process of completing the state’s plan to preserve the health of citizens, which is supported by the Long Live Egypt Fund in various parts of the Republic.

The United Bank has previously participated in the Long Live Egypt “Tahya Misr” Fund in many campaigns, including the campaign to eliminate virus C, the support for Bir El Abd village of in North Sinai after the brutal terrorist attack, the support for Zewail University and the campaign "Nour Hayat" to eliminate the causes of blindness and the anemia treatment for students Schools.