The United Bank Promotes young leaders


The United Bank
Promotes young leaders graduates from The United Bank Bright Stars Academy in his recent promotions movement
Fayrouz El Anany - graduated from UB Bright Stars Academy, takes over the leadership of The Shooting Club branch

Ashraf El Kady - President of The United Bank:
•    The United Bank's strategy and vision to empower banking youth for future leadership.
•    Qualifying women for leadership is one of the axes of sustainable development.
•    Technical and development expertise is a necessity for young leaders.
•    The bank maximizes leadership qualifications by developing distinguished calibers’ performance in accordance with international standards.

Cairo: October 12th, 2021

The United Bank announced last week an expanded promotion movement, which was characterized by promoting a number of young leaders graduates from The United Bank Bright Stars Academy to assume leadership positions in its branches and departments throughout the Republic.

The promotion of Fayrouz El Anany - one of the young banking cadres who was graduated from The United Bank Bright Stars Academy take over the position of branch manager of The Shooting Club after a series of successes achieved over the years of her work at The United Bank.

Fayrouz El Anany held several positions at The United Bank after graduating from The Faculty of Economics and Political Science. During her 14 years of work, she was able to develop her professional expertise by engaging in a number of sectors, which represent the backbone of banking institutions, such as: the banking operations sector as well as branches. This is in addition to a busy career in scientific development and development with a number of specialized training courses in the field of banking transactions and digital services, as well as banking transactions in compliance with the provisions of Sharia, as well as in the money markets and the foundations of real estate financing.

When UB Bright Stars Academy was launched in 2018, Fayrouz El Anany joined the academy targeting a distinguished place on the bank's future leadership map. She was among a group of distinguished, scientifically and practically young innovators who were selected with high standards. Fayrouz's talent emerged in systematic thinking and determination to reach the goal. It has introduced a set of innovative technological solutions to the Egyptian market and is currently being implemented at The United Bank.

Commenting on the bank's policy of pushing young banking leaders to assume leadership positions, Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank, says that the bank's strategy and methodology aims to empower promising youth and prepare a second generation of future leaders. Therefore, UB Bright Stars Academy was launched in 2018. It has managed to graduate 10 batches of distinguished young banker who are full of will and challenge.

UB Bright Stars Academy offers an innovative and intensive curriculum to a second generation of young banking professionals who are capable of professional leadership in accordance with international standards in the near future. Where the Academy brings together a set of professional programs in administrative and banking training skills inside and outside the bank, which aims to develop young people on the personal and banking side, including: the main features of the banking personality - how to manage crises - making sound decisions according to current and future data - developing negotiation skills and strategic planning - and skills Communication - smart financing mechanisms in various large, medium, small and micro enterprises, as well as the methodology for encouraging entrepreneurship and start-ups as well as the foundations of Islamic banking, stock exchange, capital markets and sustainable community development. As well as adapting digital technology to serve the goals of comprehensive development in accordance with the Egyptian state's vision 2030.

On the policy of The United Bank in empowering women, Ashraf El Kady says that The United Bank has adopted a general strategy aimed at the economic and social empowerment of women and that by giving them the full opportunity to work, advancement, science and knowledge. Women represent half of the total Egyptian society.

He added that the economic and social empowerment of women and their involvement in the labor market contribute to the elimination of many social difficulties and work to achieve sustainable development and increase the domestic product, thus improving the standard of living of citizens.