The United Bank Launches food convoys for neediest families in Sinai and Upper Egypt


The United Bank
Launches food convoys for neediest families in Sinai and Upper Egypt on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan

Ashraf El Kady: Chairman of The United Bank
•    Food convoys translate the institutional human values of The United Bank and contribute to fight hunger.
•    Packing Ramadan cartons and distributing them by the hands of the bank’s team in Sinai and Upper Egypt.
•    The culture of volunteer work within The United Bank’s culture.
•    Ethar activities for community development work to enhance thinking, development activity and maximize the individual's performance for society.
Cairo: April 21st, 2021

The United Bank launched food convoys for hundreds of the neediest families in South Sinai and Upper Egypt governorates, in cooperation with the “Faeil Khir” Good Makers Civil Foundation as a part of The United Bank’s plan to provide food security to support those who are unable to do so during the holy Ramadan.

The United Bank’s work team contributed in packing food cartons bearing the logo of the United Bank to feed hundreds of families in Upper Egypt and Sinai. Ramadan cartons include rice, oil, beans, cowpea, flour, ghee, tea, sugar, juice and dates needed to feed families in Ramadan.

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank expressed that the food convoys translate a basic part of the institutional values of The United Bank in extending a hand, relief and to support the needy and spreading good, especially in the holy month of Ramadan through the administration of Ethar for community development.

El Kady added that voluntary and solidarity work is strongly build in within the culture and formations of the institution, as all development activities come within an integrated system of social development work that is managed with contemporary thought and technique aiming to achieve the principle of social solidarity, which is urged by all monotheistic religions.

He explained that such symbiotic activities carried out by the bank's work team work to promote thinking and development activity within the work environment and outside the boundaries of the institution. This reflects the human values in giving to eliminate the problem of hunger, which is considered a global humanitarian tragedy.