125% increase in the business volume of the governmental dues


Nevine Kashmiry: Deputy Managing Director, The United Bank
 125% increase in the business volume of the governmental dues electronic payment system during the first quarter of 2021 in cooperation with e-finance and the Ministry of Finance.

Cairo: April 26th, 2021

Nevine Kashmiry - Deputy Managing Director for Business Sectors, The United Bank, announced an increase of 125% in the business volume of the digital governmental dues payment services system during the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of 2020.

Kashmiry explained that The United Bank is one of the leading banks in providing governmental dues electronic payment services, where it has the electronic payment programs package, which includes 13 competitive advantages for electronic governmental payment programs that it provides in cooperation with e-finance, which are:

The first advantage: the electronic governmental payments programs allow the customers to pay the taxes, whether income tax, deduction from the source, value added tax, and tax bills in real time and from the customer’s headquarters directly or through the digital payment channels of The United Bank, which are: Internet banking for individuals and companies - mobile banking, UB digital wallet and also through The United Bank’s "Meeza" cards.

The second advantage: the electronic governmental payments programs provide for the customers the payment service of the various kinds of customs dues, such as: the single window, customs clearance certificates and the customer's current account in customs through the transfer feature directly from their The United Bank’s accounts or through The United Bank’s multiple digital payment channels.

The third advantage: these distinguished programs allow the customers to fulfill corporate social insurance payments, as well as paying all governmental departments and agencies dues through (citizen payment - governmental supply orders).

The fourth advantage: this service contributes to ease for customers to fulfill their duties on time, whether for themselves or their families, by giving them the ability to pay university fees, whether governmental or private all over the Republic.

The fifth advantage: pay all customs duties bills due to all ports and airports, in addition to General Organization for Export & Import Control "GOEIC" payments programs.

The sixth advantage: supporting the Egyptian state’s orientation towards urban expansion and the new urban communities’ establishment, which contributes in achieving comprehensive development according to 2030 Vision and encouraging citizens to invest in real estate through real estate financing programs that suit all types of income for the citizen and give him the ability to pay the expenses of various real estate financing programs.

The seventh advantage: supporting the principles and values of the Egyptian society based on social solidarity. Electronic payments programs allow the customers to donate to “Tahya Misr” Long Live Egypt Fund to fight poverty and disease, as well as receive all kinds of donations to the state’s authorized organizations.

The eighth advantage: the electronic payments program receives all types of electronic collections through the collection companies operating in Egypt, such as Aman - Masary - Bee - Momken - Mobily - Sadad - Waqti - EgyBuy and others, in order to limit the circulation of cash and encourage society to transform into a digital community.

The ninth advantage: provide all electronic payment services through the bank’s 66 branches spread through the republic.

The tenth advantage: these programs give competitive advantages to the customers, which is the non-compliance with payment in the office in which the taxpayer is registered or at the specified customs port. This is to facilitate for them and to achieve the decentralization principle in collecting of governmental dues.

The eleventh advantage: The United Bank presents this service to customers and non-customers, in order to facilitate for them and encourage electronic payments to transform into a cashless society, as well as expanding the financial inclusion base.

The twelfth advantage: the electronic payment services from the customer’s headquarters (CPS) or through the United Bank’s digital banking channels, available 24/7. This saves customers effort and time.

The thirteenth advantage: perfect and complete safety in using services according to the modern international standards.