Takaful Insurance

Takafoul insurance service is a program provided by the Misr Takafoul Insurance Company - property and liability , that is offered within the United Bank Islamic Branches through companies employees (which are 5 branches as a first stage as follows: Messaha , Marouf , El-Sahel , Bani Sweif, Azarita ) through using the company documents and it is considered one of the services that fall within the system of advanced services through banks.

Misr Takafoul Insurance Company " Property & Liability  "
The  company is established in 2017,  as one of the new companies that practice all types of liability  and responsibility  insurance in accordance with Islamic shariaa provisions. This is managed through a team who has the ability to manage the symbiotic process and who is specialized in managing and analyzing the risks that can face the customers, by proposing and designing the best insurance programs appropriate to the nature of the risk and under supervision of a Islamic shariaa Committee.

Insurance coverage provided by "Misr Takafoul Insurance Company -  property and liability "
It is an insurance policy from “Misr Takaful Insurance Company -  property and liability ” that undertakes in accordance to the terms and conditions of the insurance; which is either pay an amount of money to the contractor in case of  life, or pay an amount of money to the beneficiaries in case of death. According to the terms and conditions of the policy.
 Pay an amount of money to the contractor who suffer from any of the below risks that can be as a result of an accident during the insurance period or any subsequent periods agreed upon in-between the contractor and the insurance company, those risks are:
•    Death (the participant died within one year of the accident)
•    Permanent Total Disability (sustained total disability within one year of the accident)
•    Partial permanent disability (sustained partial disability within one year of the accident)
•    Temporary Total Disability (Temporary Total Disability Following Accident)
The insurance company representative exists throughout the branches’ working hours for customers
* Please note that the United Bank is only a marketing channel and not responsible for any terms and conditions of the insurance policy submitted through our bank or for the payment of any compensation and that the responsibility for the above incurred by the insurance company alone
* The marketed insurance policy is issued by the insurance company and not by the bank
* The insurance company is solely responsible for issuing, renewing, amending and canceling insurance policies. It also bears all risks arising from the policy as the bank is not a party to the insurance policy and therefore the bank is not bound by any contracts or agreements between the customer and the insurance company.