Chairman's Message

Ashraf El Kady

Chairman and Managing Director

The United Bank enjoys a solid presence in the Egyptian banking sector with a clear strategy based on sustainability and long term growth. 

The United Bank's strategy is to become "The best local financial solutions provider, to meet clients requirements across all society segments, and according to Shariaa provision”.

Achieving our strategy, we implement the following 10 policies :

  1. An Ambition Expansion Plan: Based on the spreading of the bank’s presence through branches, exchange offices, ATMs, electronic channels, and banking services in all Egyptian governorates, especially the provinces of Axis of development, the Golden Triangle, and Upper-Egypt. We aim to increase The United Bank market share, and raising the awareness of banking solutions in the Egyptian society, which contributes to the achievement of financial inclusion.
  2. Expanding Smart Banking Solutions: Through introducing new electronic, and smart banking services under the "Bank on-line" system such as: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Electronic Wallet, Electronic Payment Services. As well as recent ATMs services such as: instant credit query service (I-Score). And also the immediate exchange service for foreign currencies, operating 24 hours 7 days a week.
  3. Promoting Financial Inclusion Applications: Through intensify the Electronic Banking Services, in addition to the common banking solutions provided to all segments of the society, which contributes to the implementation financial inclusion.
  4. Implementing Modern Banking Investment and Financing Solutions: Through providing a number of banking services either traditional or according to Shariaa, complying with international quality standards. Aiming to meet all customers’ needs, and facilitate accessing to the banking service with more than 30 retail products. Such as: variety of financing instruments, certificates of investment, savings products, as well as a bouquet of credit cards. Most of these products are Shariaa compliant. This is in addition to the mortgage programs especially designed for middle and low-income clients.
  5. Marketing The United Bank Products: Through dividing the customers into different segments according to their level of income, and economic activity, as well as their social level. In addition to other segments; according to age, and gender. This facilitates the systematic marketing of bank’s products.
  6. Enhancing The Role of SME’s, and Maximizing The Return of Exports, Aiming To Develop The National Economy: Focusing on financing small and medium size industries as well as micro enterprises, in accordance with the President of the Republic, and The Central Bank of Egypt initiative. Particularly in the provinces of the Golden Triangle, Axis of Development, and Upper-Egypt.

    Moreover, The United Bank conducts customers training courses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, micro-entrepreneurs with a view to maximize the Egyptian exports, thus supporting the economic system.

  7. Support for Major National Projects: Through continuing, and expanding financing major national projects including: energy projects, industrial zones, roads and bridges network, as well as new urban projects. In addition to the financing of Egyptian and foreign investors, large companies, as well as the participation in joint loans, especially Shariaa compliant loans.
  8. Expanding of Islamic Banking Services: Through the continuous development, and support of Islamic Economic Studies Center, based on The United Bank's Shariaa Board, which includes a group of well-known scholars of Shariaa, Fiqh, and the Islamic economy. The Shariaa Board target is to issue new Shariaa-compliant financing solutions, products, tools, investment, as well as credit cards, which suit different Egyptian society segments.
  9. Strengthening Human Cadres, and Empowering Youth, and Women: By continuing to strengthen the bank human calibers, and attract new graduates providing them with on-going training to raise efficiency, and prepare a second generation of leaders worthy of managing the promising Egypt's future.
  10. Sustainable Community Development Policy: To continue supporting the Egyptian community; through "Ethar" program for sustainable community development, especially in the field of health, and education. In Addition to encouraging customers to provide financial support to NGOs, and civil society organizations, registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity.