“Ethar” for Social Responsibility


"Ethar" CSR Annual Programs

The United Bank, established an integrated system for social responsibility commitments (CSR), which are primarily designed to develop a model for social solidarity among members of the community under the name of "Ethar".

Customers are informed by all social activities carried out by civil institutions participating in “Ethar” directory, in order to support their activities performed in the community services.

“Ethar” overview

“Ethar”, includes 32 accounts for charitable foundations, operating in all Egyptian governorates and registered by the Ministry of Social Solidarity who provides support and guidance.

"Ethar" system is applied in all of The United Bank 59 branches.

Under the slogan of “Take the initiative ... ” Ethar account has succeeded in attracting 26 million Egyptian pounds by the end of 2013. These amounts are directed to Ethar annual programs : benefit village’s, relief societies, education, treatment, and research.

 "Ethar" Annual Programs System

I. Charity Investment Account
 The United Bank receives contributions from our customers to Ethar's investment account.  The United Bank directed these donations to charitable organizations as per our customers' interest.

Ongoing charity donations is nonrefundable but the organization being donated to, can be subject to change.

II. The Annual Competition for Memorize Holy Quran

With the continuity of caring for the new generations future especially distinguished children in memorizing holy Quran, The United Bank, has launched an integrated caring program for children through financial supports both socially and educationally. The United Bank sustained models for youth education that keeps the rules and principles of their religion and Shariaa.

8 provinces participating in this annual competition which are: Dakahlia Governorate - Menoufia Governorate – El Gharbya Governorate - El sharkya Governorate - Damietta Governorate - Minya Governorate - Sohag Governorate - Beni Suef Governorate.

III. Supporting National Economy

Projects for Community Development:

      1. Supporting Egypt's economy (306 306).
      2. Zewail City for Science and Technology.
      3. Family home to renovate houses of worship in Egypt (11-1 11-1)
      4. The Egyptian Food Bank programs which are:
        “Sak El Odhya”, "Sak El Fadow" , "Sak El Taam" , "Relief Villages" , "Dignified Life" , “Village Free from Hunger” , "School Feeding" , "The Era of Good" , "El Fitr Zakat" and Fast Breaking program "Iftar sa'em Ramadan" .

        Sak El Odhya program was promoted in cooperation with The Egyptian Food Bank and Misr El Kheir Foundation to deal with the religious rites with a cultural perspective to maintain the integrity of the environment and community health.

        It ensures that the distribution of the Odhya is directed to those who are actually in need. The development of this product was to continue throughout the year under the name of "Sak El Taam"

      5. Misr El Kheir Foundation
      6. Account Zakat Al Gharemeen ( People in debt )

Under the slogan of “Take the Initiative…"  The United Bank and Misr El Kheir foundation launched a campaign "Zakat al Gharemeen with a generous initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, to release pris

oners in debt with small amounts not exceeding 10 thousand EGP.

A unified account was opened in all The United Bank branches. National and foreign currency accounts were allocated to receive Zakat funds and financial contributions from customers to support and assist (al Gharemeen) people in debt.

The possibility of paying “zakat" to "Gharemeen" people who are imprisoned as a result of their inability to repay back their debts or fines assessed on them legally, Dr. Ali Gomaa indicates in a formal fatwa number (1628) that "Gharemeen" share from Zakat set forth in verse 60 of Surah repentance, which says: " " إنما الصدقات للفقراء والمساكين والعاملين عليها والمؤلفة قلوبهم وفي الرقاب و الغارمين و في سبيل الله وابن السبيل فريضة من الله والله عليم حكيم" صدق الله العظيم “Dr. Ali Gomaa, the Ex-Grand Mufti and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Misr El Kheir Foundation, has defined the word “Gharemeen “ based on Imam Qurtubi. In his interpretation (8/184) “If they don’t have money, they understand the religion, and they have debts, so they are the poor and Gharemeen”.

Imam Abu Hanifa has defined” Al gharem“ is the one who owes a debt and imprisoned. El Gharemeen zakat campaign has been given priority for the elderly and ladies in the payment of the debts and the releasing.

Committee for "Al Gharemeen" Rehabilitation within The Community

The United Bank and Misr El Kheir Foundation have formed a committee with a number of NGOs to rehabilitate these released prisoners into the community through careful studies of their needs and the reasons that led them to prison. They also provide suitable job opportunities for them to ensure a decent life for themselves and their families so that they can start fresh. 

IV.  The National Health Projects - The account of " Tadawy” (Remedy ) and Medical Researches

    1. Dr Mohamed Ghoneim stem cells treatment.
    2. The National Cancer Institute (500 500).
    3. Magdi Yacoub Foundation for Heart Disease and Scientific Research.
    4. Dr Mohamed Ghoneim stem cells treatment.

      The United Bank has adopted a new project for financing stem cells to eliminate diabetes. This is part of a national project to promote a scientific research development system to resolve a number of social obstacles related to the health of The Egyptian citizens. These projects are currently done in kidney diseases and urinary tract centers in Mansoura under the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Ghoneim - Director of the Center.

      This account has been able to cover a large part of the budget for scientific research by the customer and Misr El Kheir foundation.

    5.  Donations of 17 medical devices for children with Thalassemia treatment in Minya.
    6.  Providing the needs of Radiology devices and Diagnostic department of the National Cancer Institute, in Cairo University
    7. Renewing and replacement of the Endoscopy Unit , Kidney and Liver hospital in Imbaba
    8.  The Egyptian Cure Bank – Promoting Charity Treatment Certificates.

      As the health sector, has suffered from insufficient services and equipments, which negatively affects the Egyptians citizens health and hinders the country’s development, a protocol has been signed by The United Bank and The Egyptian Cure Bank under the slogan of (Together against disease).

      This is considered a part of The United Bank’s contributions in the field of social responsibility through supporting members of the Egyptian society who are unable to afford treatment in cooperation with the Egyptian Cure Bank.

      From this point, it was agreed to market charity treatment certificates for patients in all The United Bank branches.

V. Relief Villages:

This project is done through various NGOs institutions in cooperation with The United Banks which are:

Dar El Orman in ( Khurshid Village project/ Ahnasia - Beni Suef )

The Egyptian Food Bank in solidarity with The Egyptian Cure Bank various activities was accomplished as (Relief Project, school feeding and medical convoys to detect the eyes and glasses needed especially for young school children as well as a full medical school tours check up).

Ammar El Ard Foundation: through the river project to provide clean and healthy water in villages - Controversy and Lester campaign and education.

Tahyaa Misr Fund :

Following the United Bank Strategy for supporting the national economy and encourage Tahyaa Misr Fund, which help to improve the Egyptian Life style and cooperating in national projects targeting the improvement of the educational and cultural level and all other aspects of egyptian society, so the United Bank launched this special service to his customers by donating  their interest of their certificates as follows:

1- Transfere all the interest amount due to Tahyaa Misr fund.

2- Transfere all the due interest amount  in addition to the certificate amount to Tahyaa Misr fund.

Banking Solutions and Financial Services for Special Powers:

Under the slogan "Touch Your Dream", The United Bank offers a unique experience to accommodate the needs of various types of impairment (mobility, hearing, visual). As part of the country’s transformation strategy to a cashless society through applying financial inclusion tools and mechanisms aiming to maximizing the banking services in the Egyptian society.

Believing in integrating all the country’s citizen’s segments especially special powers within the Egypt inclusive development within 2030 vision, The United Bank provides a package of banking solutions and financial services to suit their needs and aspirations of banking and non-banking services, according to traditional or Shariaa compliant.

In accordance to the international banking standards and focusing on the simplicity and high quality service provided.

The United Bank started implementing an ambitious plan aimed to expanding the financial inclusion to include a large number of people with various types of impairment (mobility, hearing, visual). Through renovation and upgrading its 54 branches. It started by providing the first two branches with special specifications accommodated to their needs. These facilities include easy entry and exit, and a number of ATMs are currently being upgraded to serve them.

In addition, to a comprehensive course for customer services representative in the Egyptian institute of banking to communicate with customers with impairment (mobility, hearing / visual).

Moreover, The United Bank has also adopted a media plan that includes a series of marketing and promotional messages targeted to the focused segment:

Issuing the first bank brochure with Braille International 

The United Bank in cooperation with the Al-Akhbar Braille foundation issued the first bank brochure to display The United Bank services in Braille International divided into two parts:

The first part of the manual includes a detailed explanation of the services and products of The United Bank, presenting both traditional and Shariaa compliant in: opening an account, issuing credit cards, prepaid cards in local and foreign currencies. As well as financing opportunities such as financing of Hajj and Umrah and various mortgage programs for low, medium and luxury-income housing, and also educational loan.

The second part of the manual includes the terms and conditions for opening the bank account to explain to customers the rules and regulations in an informative manner.

The United Bank also produced an adverting video to be broadcasted in the United Bank branches, including various products using sign language for an easy and simple communications with hearing impairment customers.